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5 Quick Ways to Enhance Kitchen Security

There are so many individuals who are injured in the kitchen and it all goes unnoticed. Some of you might consider it insignificant and carry on with your work whereas some of you would pay heed and go online to confirm how much of this is true. Right?

Before you come to any conclusion, read this post to know why enhancing kitchen security is important.

Regardless how much audacity we all have to put forth our point of view and explain that kitchen is the safe place, but the fact is while working around any fuel or sharp tools in the kitchen you need to take certain precautions. Now you must be wondering how is it possible to ensure your kitchen is the safest place of your home?

Without much further ado, let’s get straight to the point.

1. Make a way out for smoke

Making home smart through home automation proves quite responsive to potential risks like unstable temperature or house fires.

It has been observed that houses without smoke alarms have the high odds of catching fire. And, let me inform you that most of the fire in the houses initiates from the kitchen area only. Installing smoke detectors would activate them and warn in case of emergencies and also save you from all the unseen trouble. So, make sure that the smoke in your kitchen finds out the way through chimneys or another vent and in case it doesn’t, you better install a smoke detector for getting notified beforehand.

2. Storing knives in a safe place and using mittens

Knives whether sharp or not, have the capability of harming or injuring the one who comes in contact. It is better to keep them out of the reach of the little ones and store them in a wooden drawer or block, once done using.

While working in the kitchen using mitten gloves will not only protect your hands from heated appliances but will also help in pulling the bowl out of the microwave or oven. Don’t go holding safe bowls directly from the microwave without mittens as it might give you blisters or you might burn yourself while taking them out. Also, it is advised not to use wet mitten pad as wet hot pad or mitten tends to transfer heat easily. Use it only once it dries.

3. Clean up spills to avoid the fall

Food, grease, water or any liquid falling on the surface will make the floor slippery and guarantee a fall. So, as soon as you see something fallen on the floor, wipe it clean and prevent anyone’s possibility of falling.

4. Discard Frayed Appliances

After every few months, take out time to inspect your appliances in the kitchen like toasters, microwaves, mixers, vacuum cleaner, and others to check if these are in good condition or frayed. If in case you find some worn out appliances, then limit yourself from using these as they have the probability of short-circuiting. Hence, harming you.

5. Enhancing the security by installing a surveillance system

Keeping track of what is happening in the kitchen is as important as monitoring rooms and outdoors. With home automation feature you can control the appliances in your kitchen from any part of the world. So, in case you have left anything on, need not worry as you have made your home smart enough to warn you about it beforehand. Plus, you can keep an eye on your kids to see whether they are eating healthy or are stealing Nutella from the refrigerator. Also, to see they are not close to any appliances or anything that is not safe for them.